Urban Decay Moondust Palette

13 September, 2016



It’s been ages since I’ve bought anything new from my favourite cosmetic brand, Urban Decay. I’ve bought top up products that I use on the daily such as concealer, lipstick, the usual necessities. When it comes to palettes and new products, nothing Urban Decay have recently brought out have taken my interest. Not even their new Moon Dust palette. When I saw the announcement on social media, I had no intention of purchasing the palette as it’s an entirely glittery/shimmer palette. Well, more glitter than shimmer. I like a bit of shimmer, but full on glitter in such vibrant colours is something I’ve never really liked in a shadow. I find them hard to apply and just plain messy. I ignored the release until recently whilst away in Liverpool, I took the usual gander around Debenham’s, stopped at the Urban Decay counter, saw the Moon Dust palette and despite my initial thoughts, I actually fell in love with the palette. Maybe I’m just a magpie attracted to anything shiny, either way, I was picking one up and taking it home.


First of all, the packaging is literally gorgeous. The palette is black plastic covered in a glitter with the name of the palette lazer cut out of the very top. The palette is medium sized, it’s still pretty travel friendly, it fits in my largest makeup bag easily. The palette opens easily to reveal 8 completely glitter shadows with the names of each shade clearly labelled under each pan, there’s also a large mirror on the lid of the palette which is always handy and the palette closes securely. One thing I noticed was that this palette didn’t come with a brush like almost Urban Decay;s palettes do. I later realised it’s because UD instruct clearly on the box that the shadows are much more effective if applied with your fingers, which is understandable as a brush might take away the glitter in the shades.



In the palette are 8 gorgeous glittery shadows all in medium sized pans. There isn’t much of a size difference compared to other Urban Decay palettes. The palette has a mixture of both neutral/usual eye shadow shades and much more vibrant/out there colours to choose from. All the shades are pretty and suitable for tons of day/evening looks. Personally, these shadows would either be for me to play with at home as I’m much of a matte kinda girl, or during an evening, maybe around Christmas when completely bathing in glitter is a must. The shadows are extremely pigmented, I swatched without wetting my fingers and the colour payout both as a swatch and when applied to my eyes is literally breath taking. The glitter is so vibrant, but it doesn’t take away from the colour in the shadow. UD suggest dampening your fingers for an even better colour payoff, which I haven’t tried yet out of fear I might ruin the palette, but if it’s any better than the dry swatch then I’m going to have to have a play and see just how much more pigmented these shadows can get.

These shadows aren’t very blendable, you can blend other shades around the glitter, but if you blend the glitter alone I find it gets quite messy with both fallout and just glitter going all over your face, which isn’t fun. So I’ve avoided blending the shadow altogether. As for any other qualms in this palette, the only other is the fallout. Even as you open the palette brand new there are specs of glitter dotted all over the palette, and this happened when you apply the shadow to your eyes too, especially with having to use your fingers. It’s nothing a quick brush with a fluffy brush can’t fix, but if you’re adamant on not purchasing a palette down to fallout, this might not be the palette for you.

Dry Swatches

Despite having no intention of buying this palette, then impulse buying this palette. I actually love it. I might not use this palette very often, but it’s a different one for the collection. I’m still yet to have a proper play about with this palette, but come Christmas I feel like this palette will be getting much more use out of it compared to right now. The palette is stunning, both the design and the shades. The pigmentation is to die for and I’m definitely impressed.

Have you tried Urban Decay’s MoonDust palette? What did you think?

Let me know in the comments!

Much Love!


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