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28 August, 2016


Too Faced Totally Cute

If there’s one brand I love, yet lack in my massive makeup collection, it’s Too Faced. Too Faced are a brand that are based in the US, so for a long time it was difficult to get your hands on their products here in the UK. That’s until Debenhams began to stock Too Faced products, which was brilliant, the only downside was the fact they didn’t stock ALL of Too Faced’s products, such as their limited edition palettes, for example, the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette I still long for. On the odd occasion Debenhams stock their limited edition products, it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on them. When I saw they had Too Faced’s new Totally Cute palette in stock, I didn’t even think twice about buying it.

Too Faced Stickers

Too Faced Cute

I don’t actually know what possessed me to buy this palette, other than the fact it was limited edition and Too Faced. If there’s one type of product I can’t say no to, it’s a palette. I have way too many, but I can always make space for another. The palette is small and square which makes it very travel friendly, it easily fits into even my smaller makeup bags. The packaging is made from metal, in a very cute baby pink shade. This adorable palette comes with 2 sheets of cute stickers which you can use to personalise your palette. The palette has 9 brand new shades, a mix of both matte and shimmer shades to play with.

My Too Faced

Too Faced

Too Faced

The shades in this palette are gorgeous, there’s a mix of both shimmer and matte shades in various tones such as neutral tones and more colourful tones. From swatching the shades, the formula is really nice, it’s highly pigmented and feels soft to the touch which is brilliant. Some of the lighter shades are difficult to see when swatched on my pale skin, but they’re definitely still pigmented and look better when applied on my lids. Even though the colours are a weird mix, oddly enough the colours actually fit together really well, which is probably why Too Faced claim the colours in this palette are MFEO (Made For Each Other). The colours are perfect shades for all year round, but to me, they seem more like Spring combos. Either way they’re still wearable for anytime and any occasion. There’s little to no fallout whatsoever and they shades are extremely blendable. I’m definitely smitten with this palette. At £32, it’s pricey for a palette considering Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette was around £45 with double the amount of shades, but the price is still decent for the quality you get in this palette, so it was definitely money well spent in my opinion.

Too Faced Swatches

Have you tried a Too Faced palette? What do you think?

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