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25 August, 2016


nyx liner

For ages I’ve been trying to find a decent white liquid liner. One that’s pigmented, opaque, easy to use and with a thin enough brush to get the perfect wing. It’s hard to find a white liner that’s all of those things, and at a decent price. I’ve searched everywhere, even eBay to find a decent white liner that didn’t take several applications to look decent or crumble and fade throughout the day. If anything, I gave up. I just continued to use my black liners as there wasn’t a great need to find a white liner, just something I wanted to find eventually for my collection. Whilst I was doing some online shopping on FeelUnique, as well as a couple of NYX bits, I also decided to pick up NYX’s White Liquid Liner to try out. It’s only recently I’ve started buying and trying the brand NYX, and with the majority of products I’ve bought so far, they’ve been fairly decent at a pretty amazing price, so at £5.50 it was worth a try.

nyx liner

nyx liner instructions

First of all, the packaging is pretty standard. It’s basic and to the point, the only real difference compared to other drugstore liners is the fact this liner comes in a box. It simply states instructions on how to use the liner, a brief description and any information such as the fact it’s cruelty free, the ingredients etc. The liner itself is long and thin and in a white tube, which is great for me as I have so many black liners I will easily know which one I’m grabbing amongst the hundreds of others I own. My first impressions of the liner were pretty good. The applicator is long and slim, easy to grip and seems easy enough to use. The brush is extremely slim, which is brilliant for me as I prefer them this way, I find them much easier to use as they’re much more precise, especially for a slim wing. The formula itself seems good from my first swatch, it’s opaque which is brilliant, and also extremely pigmented which tells me this liner is already pretty decent. This formula dries quickly and doesn’t run. So far so good.

nyx liner white

nyx liner brush

NYX white swatch

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this liquid liner. The formula is great, it’s opaque, pigmented, dries quickly and doesn’t wear/crumble throughout the day. The white is lovely with or without makeup, if anything I’m surprised it actually suited my skin tone whatsoever. This liner is easy to apply, perfect for both wings or simply just lining your lids. I actually really like this liner, I’m far more impressed than I initially thought I would be. I’ve warn this liner all day without it rubbing off, crumbling or needing to re apply at all. I’m glad I picked this up, it’s definitely one of my new favourites, and at £5.50 you really can’t complain as it matches the quality of some of my high end black liners at less than half the price. All I need now is NYX to bring out some more playful colours for me to add to my collection.

Have you tried NYX’s liquid liners? What do you think? 

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