NYX HD Finishing Powder

8 September, 2016


NYX Powder HD

It’s only recently that I’ve properly introduced translucent powder into my makeup routine. Or more widely known as ‘baking‘. The idea of baking is to apply a translucent powder to certain areas of your face such as your under eyes, chin and t-zone, leaving it to sit for 5-10 minutes, then dusting off the powder gently leaving you with a crease less, flawless and brighter finish. At first, I had no interest in baking, I’ve been trying to achieve a dewy finish with my makeup, so if anything I’ve avoided powder products completely. Recently though, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting creases under my eyes and on my forehead throughout the day, so I decided to give baking a go, and actually, the results were pretty neat. So I went out and decided to buy Kiko’s translucent powder. Which is brilliant. But I can’t seem to find it being sold anywhere, so I did freak out a little. Luckily, I found NYX’s HD Finishing Powder in my local Boots and decided to try this one instead.

NYX HD Powder

The great thing about my Kiko powder, is the fact that not only did it come with it’s own applicator and much more product for a slightly higher price, I didn’t need to leave it to sit on my face for too long. I could literally apply it, dust it off and my face would be instantly crease less and brighter without any trace of white powder being left behind. It made areas of my face matte but that was fixed easily with a bit of highlighter. With the NYX powder, you get only 6g of powder, which is fine as a little goes a long way, but you don’t get an applicator with this powder. I find using a damp beauty blender is the best way to apply this powder, it’s much more precise and I don’t end up spilling white powder all over myself. I either dab it in with my beauty blender, or I apply a thick layer and dust it off with a large fluffy makeup brush. For me, I prefer to apply the powder and dab it in/dust it off pretty much straight away. If I leave the powder too long it makes my face feel dry and stiff, which is horrible. To me, dusting it off straight away does just as good as if I left it for 5-10 minutes.

NYX Powder

At £8, this powder is pretty decent for the price. It does exactly what I need it to easily and well. The quality of this powder is brilliant, but I think I still definitely think I prefer my Kiko powder. Although this powder worked all day without any need to re apply or coming off completely, it did have one mega downside. When I applied the powder, there didn’t appear to be any left over powder on my face. That is, until I left my room, I had people asking me what the white patches on my face were. It didn’t appear on my phone camera or when I looked in my mirror to apply the powder in my room, but as soon as I went into a much more natural lighting, you could see where I had placed the powder despite blending, to my knowledge, pretty well. I also couldn’t remove the white patches, I had to use a damp makeup wipe and dab it off which was highly annoying. So when I next applied this powder I used a brush rather than my beauty blender and this seemed to work slightly better, but it just didn’t last as long. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap replacement powder, then if you don’t mind the odd white patch, this ones decent. But for me, I think I’ll be looking for an alternative brand.

Have you tried NYX’s HD Finishing Powder? What did you think?

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