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23 August, 2016


Hippie Mascara

It’s been ages since my last L’Oreal purchase. I’m not usually one for the brand, but if there’s one thing I’ll continuously buy, it’s their Mega Volume mascaras. Since the first Mega Volume release, Miss Manga, which is still one of my favourites to this day, I’ve continued to purchase any of the Mega Volume mascaras that get released. The following release was the Miss Manga Punky mascara, which was pretty terrible to say the least. L’Oreal’s newest Mega Volume release is the Miss Hippie mascara which was released during this years Summer months in preparation for all the upcoming Summer festivals which I thought was pretty neat. This waterproof mascara is available at all drugstores and multiple super markets such as ASDA at £7.99.

Hippie Mascara

The main difference between this mascara and the other two, is the fact it’s waterproof, which I guess also fits with the festival theme L’Oreal have gone for with this mascara. It’s suitable to wear out and about regardless of the weather. The formula is completely black, not clumpy and not too liquid either. It’s pretty much perfect, it doesn’t clump on the brush either. The brush isn’t flexible like on the other two previous mascaras, but I prefer this as I find it easier and quicker to apply and to me, it doesn’t make much difference when it comes to the finish look of the mascara. The brush is made up of actual bristles, and is a lot softer/fluffier than the other two mascaras, which again, I prefer as I feel it avoids the mascara being so clumpy.

hippie brush

All in all, I love this mascara. I’ve even been using instead of my beloved Rollerlash by Benefit. The mascara only needs one coat to make my lashes longer, fluffier and even somewhat much more natural compared to other mascaras. My lashes don’t clump up, stick together or irritate my eyes when I use this mascara. If I use a light coat it’s perfect for when I’m not wearing any makeup but just want to give my eyes a little bit more definition. The formula doesn’t smudge onto my makeup, flake off, run or wear off during the day. It lasts all day without fail. If I fall asleep without removing my mascara there’s no smudging or panda eyes when I wake up, my lashes don’t stick together. I’m absolutely in love. It’s been my go to lately and out of all 3 mascara’s this one is definitely my favourite.

Have you tried L’Oreal’s Mega Volume Mascara’s? What do you think?

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Much Love!


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