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4 September, 2016


Clinique contour

After my extremely infuriating and long search for the perfect cream contour palette, I thought I had found the one when I came across Sleek makeup’s newest cream contour palette. After literally not even a months use, applying it every couple of days when I could muster up the energy to even do my makeup, I hit pan on the darkest and best contour shade. It’s worth the small price tag, but can be a nuisance if you’re anything like me and don’t stock up until you’ve basically ran out of a certain product. This can be even more infuriating if you just don’t have the time to do it every couple of weeks, that and the fact the price slowly adds up if you’re buying countless amounts of the same palette and wasting the shades you’re never going to use. I decided to avoid contour palettes altogether, and try something a little different and much less wasteful, so I picked up Cliniques Chubby Contour Stick.

Chubby stick

Contour clinique

After realising how much product and money I was wasting with buying contour palettes, I decided to give Clinique’s cream contour stick a go. If it was any good, it would save wasting any product, money and I was hoping it would last much longer than my Sleek palette did. I picked this up from Debenhams at £19, which isn’t bad really if you think a palette is around the same price, and you get much more of the actual shade you want. You can only get this contour stick in one dark brown shade called Curvy Contour. The cream contour stick is pretty simple in terms of design.. it’s literally a stick with a pull of lid that closes securely and opens easily, it’s literally just a chubby stick. The contour shade twists up and out which saves time sharpening or messing around unlike other contour stocks/pens I’ve seen. The size of the stick is supposed to help give you the right thickness when it comes to contour, making it quick and simple to use, if you need thinner lines such as contouring your nose you can either use a brush and apply it that way, or simply use the stick at an angle which I find easiest.

clinique swatch

contour collage

The contour stick is incredibly easy to use, there was no faffing about, no dipping my brush into a pan, literally just pop the lid off and get straight to it. The stick is easy to use on both larger areas of the face you want to contour such as cheek bones etc but also really easy to use on areas you need a slimmer contour such as your nose and jaw line. The shade of this contour stick is a simple dark brown, and at first I was pretty uncertain of how it would blend in with my pale skin tone, but actually, although the shade seems dark at first it blends brilliantly and matches my skin tone almost completely which is a huge bonus. The formula of this contour stick is amazing, it’s creamy, amazingly pigmented and blends like a dream. The contour doesn’t move or smudge once you’ve placed it where you want it and so far it seems to last all day long. I can’t say for certain of this as I wear a bronzer on top of my contour, but by the end of the day my contour is still there regardless. I’m smitten with Clinique’s contour stick and I’ll take this over Sleeks Cream contour palette any day!

Have you tried Clinique’s Chubby Contour stick? Let me know in the comments! 

Much Love!


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